How do I get the BRIDES Authentic App?

Simple. BRIDES Wedding Genius app is available through the App Store or by visiting

How do I scan a mark in-store?

Open up the BRIDES Wedding Genius application on your smartphone and tap the barcode icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen. After going through the help screens on your smartphone, point your phone’s camera at the in-store marker and tap anywhere on the screen to scan. Once the BRIDES Authentic Manufacturer Mark is scanned, you will receive either a "Confirmed" message if the store is authentic or a "Stop" message if the store is fake.

How do I scan a mark online?

Download BRIDES Wedding Genius and tap the barcode in the lower right hand corner of the screen. On your computer, click on the BRIDES Authentic Manufacturer mark and a new screen will appear on the computer. This is the BRIDES Authentic Manufacturer Mark. Using your smartphone’s camera, scan the mark and the application will tell you if you are on an authentic manufacturer’s website. If you receive a "Confirmed" message you know you are on an authorized website and can continue with your purchase, if you receive a "Stop" message, it is recommended that you visit BRIDES Authentic website for a list of authorized resellers.

What constitutes an Authentic Manufacturer?

An Authentic Manufacturer is a manufacturer who, with the permission of the brand owner, creates genuine products.

What happens if I receive a "Confirmed" message?

If you receive a confirmed message, it means you are on a website or at a retail location that is registered as a BRIDES Authentic manufacturer and you may continue shopping reassured about the quality of product available there.

What happens if I receive a "Stop" message?

A "Stop" message means that BRIDES cannot verify that the website or retail store is a BRIDES Authentic Manufacturer website or retail store and it is recommended you visit the BRIDES Authentic website for a list of authorized retail locations

What happens if I find an invalid store or website?

Your invalid read is immediately reported to BRIDES and we will be sure to take the next steps to help ensure your safety as a consumer. You can visit our website for a list of our Authentic Manufacturers.